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Hope you understand! And yes, we agree, FF needs to work on their issues! Since this has happened it really hits home how intrusive and annoying ads are. I have again donated to adblockplus for the incredible work you do to save us from mind-numbing advertising. We really appreciate it!

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Moving to Chrome methinks after many happy years with FF. Really stupid on their part. Maybe you can switch back soon. Fingers crossed! Can anyone in fact confirm that there has been a fix via Firefox? Like other users here, my version FF Find their latest blogpost about the issue here. So please take out that worthless update. Sorry to hear that, werdew. Adblock is still not working for me! Im considering getting chrome just to get rid of firefox messing up all the time.

When will adblock work again? Hi Jen! Firefox Reinstalling ABP worked. Thanks for sharing this Warbirdnut!

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Keeping our fingers crossed that this will soon be the case for all users. ABP for firefox addon is still not responding for me. This indeed is a working solution but I recommend only users that understand what they are doing to apply this. I even tried installing it again but it failed. I need a solution. Hi Moe, I am really sorry to hear that. They promised that no re-installation would be needed. I tried uninstalling it and re-installing it from the site here but Firefox says the installer is corrupt or something???

So now I have no adblock at all. I just updated firefox and ADP is not back. Still shows as disabled. I am running Firefox So is this issue fixed or still on-going? Do you still have problems? I checked the studies box, but it keeps unchecking itself when I close the options. I also had to click the studies box. It took a few minutes after I checked that box , but after a short while I think less than 30 minutes ABP was on again. And I hope even more that Firefox gets this under control!

This does not happen in Google Chrome. Stupid Mozilla, they should fire the incompetent people behind this. I admittedly do not know a tremendous amount about computers in general. It already takes insane amounts of time for me to get my Firefox updates due to the dial-up connection.

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Anyone have any advice for me to get my add-ons back? In the best case, your add-ons have come back by now, as Firefox started rolling out the fix. You can also check this blogpost for more information and tips from Firefox directly. There are some settings you can check, they describe step-by-step how that works. Thanks Laura, yes my Adblock Plus is working once again. Glad to hear some good news! Adblock Plus was disabled. Get the same error message….

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Please check your connection. Echoing the above kfj here, and after midnight so morning of the 5th for me. Still unable to re-install Adblock Plus to Firefox Sorry to hear that! I was running fine on version 54 of Firefox, and they broke it with whatever they did.

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If I upgrade, I lose a lot of plugins I use, so maintain a system with 54 on it specifically for that purpose. How the hell did they break an old revision?

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Can I get a copy of adblock plus, or will you run back thru all the down revs you might have seem to remember doing that, maybe not with ABP though so I can get it running? You can actually find older versions of Adblock Plus in the Mozilla add-on store. Says check connection. CST Why is this happening? Why is support saying over and over that it should be fixed by now??

Unfortunately, we can only wait for Firefox to fix this and have to rely on the information they provide. Keeping our fingers crossed that this will soon be the case for all users! Should we just sit and hope that it will be fixed soon? I do all my important works on FF, and all the ads popping up all over the place is detrimental to my OCD :.

So sorry to hear that! Please check Mozillas latest blogpost for possible measures that bring your add-ons back. Hi Eric, So sorry to hear that! Is that normal for the fix to be sent to some users, but not to others? It has almost been 2 days and no solution for the problem. Honestly considering moving on from Firefox to Chrome or Opera. Really sorry to hear that!

Aong with the classic themes restorer and even Duck Duck GO!! We are absolutely certain, that Firefox will enable Adblock Plus to fully work again once they have properly fixed this issue! Fingers crossed that this will soon be the case…. Disgusting ppl. We are super annoyed, too!

By ads in general and this issue in particular. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. You can also check Mozillas latest blogpost for possible measures that bring your add-ons back.

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Obviously Mozilla and FireFox have been careless and disrespectful. What reason was there to update a functioning application. On to Chrome! I feel your frustration. Hopefully you can switch back soon! The open source community needs all the support it can get…. Wont be using it again unless they are re enabled. I feel you! Luckily, Adblock Plus works smoothly and blocks all annoying ads on Chrome, Opera and other browsers. This is not fixed. And rely the information they provide. Still not working on Sunday 5 5 I think they have succumbed to the advertisers threats. Unfortunately they all have issues of one sort or another. If it was a bug, I would be able to go to the Adblock Plus home page and reload the software, while the signature requirement is disabled. The fact that it says the file is corrupted, is pure horse hockey. What are the chances of the file being corrupted at the same time as the so called bug is active?

In my opinion, slim and none. Also, older versions of Firefox that are no longer supported were also hit, so did they out of the goodness of their hearts try to update the older versions too, even though that feature is disabled? Seems funny to me. And no, it is still not fixed for me on two different platforms.