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Quotable Lyrics Okay my mind is Yoda, I'm on Ayotla These other rappers just a diet soda I find Jehova in the darkest place Empty as apartment basements This a marathon, gentlemen Go ahead and start the races Save the coffin spaces.

Mac Miller drops something new called

By Larry Fisherman. Mac Miller - Diablo Prod. By Rose Lilah.

Rose Lilah roselilahhshit. Diablo Mac Miller.

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Produced by Larry Fisherman. My mind is yoda I'm on ayatollah These other rapper just a diet soda I find jehova in the darkest places Empty as appartment basements This a marathon gentlemen Go ahead and start the races Save the coffin spaces Don't come up missing. Tell your bitch you've been trippin' now you on vacation Rapping like it's automated Lights I keep em' on like vegas Love I'm making so hot I'm turning hog to bacon Only God can save him, I heard the monsters made him I ain't a star I'm way farther with the constelations Contemplating suicide like it's a dvd.

Lost inside my mind it's a prison homie leave me be You can see me bleed, I be with the freaks and geeks Bitch I never miss a beat, I'm charlie conway, triple deke Gordon bombay in these streets Ballin' like I'm pistol pete Been a beast, every word I spit rewriting history.

The Perfectionist

Look at what you did to me, look at what you did to me Running to the underworld with guns and set the sinners free No bitches in my circle I'm a show you the commercial I've been popping like a colonel Reading justin bieber's journal Treat you like a urinal. Quiero recibir notificaciones de artistas destacados y noticias. Diablo Mac Miller. Anderson Paak Small Worlds. These meanings are repetitive in bits and pieces of a lot of his songs. The 8 balls and keys line is something you would understand if you were into drug culture like Mac, no biblical reference.

Obviously macs wayyyyy ahead of yachty but not every line is godsend, sometimes he writes great rhymes that don't have a spiritual meaning.


I like it again, Diablo has been one of the songs I've really been listening to man! Good job! I'd love to read another! I think Macs darker stuff does have tons of references to god but not always how you're interpreting it, same with the illuminati shit I think you're reading to deep, sometimes he's just spitting bars A lot of the time its usually to do with him being on drugs that alter the mind Especially throughout Faces , same with the 8balls and keys is just a reference to him doing fuck loads of coke.

Also I don't know what you mean about darker? He has mentioned in interviews that TDF was the first album that didnt end in death. Its also his first sober album. Faces was his darkest album. Probably not. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved.

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Mac Miller - Diablo - Lyrics

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Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. Obviously macs wayyyyy ahead of yachty but not every line is godsend, sometimes he writes great rhymes that don't have a spiritual meaning I want whatever that guy had.

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