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Storage Speed: RPM. What type of hard drive do these models support? Can one replace the hard drive with an SSD? Storage Dimensions: 2. Standard AirPort: Details: AirPort Extreme Also see: What is How is it different from USB Ports: 2 2. No expansion bays are provided.

Enter Thunderbolt

In the US and many other countries , site sponsor Other World Computing sells a wide variety of external expansion options and accessories, including docking stations, adapters, input devices, cases, and more for this MacBook Pro. In Australia, site sponsor Macfixit offers an extensive selection of external expansion options and accessories like docks, stands, chargers, cases, security products, and more for this MacBook Pro. Which are compatible? Is this type of storage a good idea for these models?

Keyboard: Full-size Incl. Input: Trackpad Inertial.

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Details: Apple reports that the backlit integrated keyboard has "78 US or 79 ISO keys, including 12 function keys, 4 arrow keys inverted "T" arrangement. Details: This MacBook Pro uses a black and silver "unibody" case design milled from a single piece of aluminum with a "catchless" magnetic latch. Details: The Apple order number should be unique to this system.

In this case, please also note that the EMC number is not externally listed on the notebook so it cannot be used readily for identification. For more about these identifiers and how to locate them on each Mac, please refer to EveryMac. Battery Type: Details: Apple reports that this model has a " How does the battery life of each compare to the model each replaced? It also supports the last version of OS X It is capable of running macOS Sierra Finally, this model is capable of running macOS High Sierra It is not compatible with macOS Mojave Additionally, please note that OS X "Lion" What are the system requirements?

Boot Camp 5 supports the bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows 8. Earlier versions of Windows are not supported. Although Apple does not support Windows 10 via Boot Camp 5 officially or otherwise , this system meets Microsoft's hardware requirements and it very well may be possible to boot Windows 10 on this Mac.

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If you have installed Windows 10 on this system successfully or unsuccessfully , please share the results of your experiment. Dimensions: 0. Weight: 4. Details: In inches while closed - height by width by depth, 2. Details: Please note that on average the estimated current retail pricing of used systems is updated twice a year please refer to the date on the bottom of the page for the date last updated.

Photo Credit: Apple, Inc. Video Monitor : 1 Thunderbolt Floppy Ext. It also can support other peripherals that use the Thunderbolt standard, which provides a maximum theoretical 10 Gbps of bandwidth in both directions. USB: 2 2. Modem: None Ethernet: 1 RJ Details: No internal modem.

Gigabit Ethernet, AirPort Extreme Home service is awesome, but unless things have changed recently, I don't think that's common. It also may be different for wear-and-tear fixes vs. DOA replacements; Dell has a strong interest in fixing the latter as quickly as possible to protect their reputation.

Mac mini (Mid 2011) - Technical Specifications

Most companies, most of the time, expect you to come to them to get service. I've dealt with both Lenovo and Dell with on-site next day service. I thought it was a standard option across the industry for business PC warranty. It may be. I was thinking of standard warranties, though. I'd expect a business warranty to be different. AgloeDreams 36 days ago. They also will ship you a box and ship it to a service center, I've been shocked on the turnaround time on that even with major service. From Me getting the box to getting the laptop back it was just two days I ship on day one, they get it overnight on day two, they ship back out with a new Logic Board and cables, then I get it on day three.

Dell does this. HP offers Linux on their Z workstations, which have been reliable workhorses for decades. I believe Dell does, too.

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Hmm, well I'd honestly do just about anything I could to avoid macOS. No they don't.

Not the market for people who just need a corporate Unix box. At my consultancy we have a mix of machines with many people running a System 76 tower or laptop and you'll find plenty of folks here on HN who will name Dell, Lenovo or HP as their supplier. Perhaps you're thinking of just the market for people who do the absolute highest end video work for the film industry?

Other than that, I don't see it. And Windows has been rock solid for a massive amount of users and developers of various types since Windows I mean, did you ever use Windows 8? I don't know anybody that does serious work on iPads. Sure, an iPad is fine for consuming documents and doing light markup. I'll add macOS to that too. I watch people using macOS daily and I swear, they are constantly swiping to find that full-screen app they lost because of the complete lack of window management in macOS.

They'll put Chrome into full screen and then struggle to get the detached devtools window back up. They'll have to install things like iTerm with it's own tiling manager, to manage 3 terminal windows. What I really, really like is being able to do things the way I want to do them and not the way some godless corporation has decided it should be.

Apple just gives you nearly zero choice compared to Windows and most obviously, Linux. They're just on the wrong end of the spectrum for how I like to do things. I'm assuming they installed Candy Crush because it's a lot, lot more popular than Solitaire or Minesweeper with today's crowd. And before anyone says anything about Apple not pre-installing 3rd party software I think that's incorrect. If you want to use any of the Unix aspects of macOS, you have to start off with Apple's lame and old versions of even basic Unix utilities and programming environments until you go and install some other 3rd party things to fix the situation.

The most powerful Mac Pro 5,1 ever?

Pressing Start is one popular way of starting a program on Windows, so I don't understand that line of argumentation. I don't see the contradiction here honestly. The only tangible market for a Mac Pro is professional Final Cut users in a professional setting, no? If this is hogwash, tell me so, but it just seems that any other realistic scenario that requires this level of hardware like research, rendering and AI would be significantly cheaper and better supported outside of Apple's ecosystem.

Short of having a pretty device to sit in a studio, what other reason is there for this to exist? And how much of that audience is more likely to just buy iMac Pros. As regards development - Most development tasks won't significantly benefit from the performance offered here, and anyone who needs that performance is likely going to buy something significantly better value for money as regards tech specs than a Mac Pro.

MacBook Pro

There aren't any serious edit houses that use FCP X outside of gimmick advertising deals like some late night shows. Everyone is using Avid or increasingly Premiere anyway. In my experience, the past five years have seen a dramatic shift to windows in professional facilities Oscar winning editors.

I do know one very high end editor who cuts on a Mac mini.